Kin Weekly Schedule *Please note that these are just a guideline!

We now have an alliance with another Kin called Southern Defenders! We have our own user chat set up to communicate in game with them!
To set up your game client enter the following commands into your chat box:
/joinchannel hotisd - mouse right click general chat tab - scroll to chat filter - tick the next in line user chat
To use the channel:
/<# user channel enabled> - enter message

Mondays - Lowbie Night

Tuesdays -

Wednesdays - Trait Night

Thursdays - Book Night

Fridays - Highby Night

Saturdays -

Sundays -

I am still interested in having another Kin meeting soon - no date set though. If you have any ideas that you would like heard, keeop them in mind.

All links listed on the site are the ones that have been recommended and used by players in the Kin.